Sunday, August 25, 2013

Reading sitemap.xml from ruby

I've recently published a sitemap_reader ruby library for reading sitemap.xml files.

It is implementing only what I needed at a time - reading a single (and small) sitemap.xml file from disk or over http.

If you need more functionality, usual mantra applies: fork, implement your feature, test and send me a pull request

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Heroku eventually available on AWS EU zone, but why now (and not 4 years ago)?

It took Heroku good 4 years since I first asked them about EU availability, but they eventually complied ;)

But I was wondering why it took them that long to give European customers location closer to home.

My first thought is, that it if they simply created an exact copy of their AWS US-EAST setup in EU availability zone, it should work fine. Then they need to update API and tools to allow users to choose region for some commands, then possibly some intermediate layer to route api requests to apropriate region, but that's it. Their support team is already around the world and available 24/7, so no need to worry about that (at least initially).

Does anybody have a good explanation?


They don't have Safe Harbor signed up yet, and it is not guaranteed that data will sit in EU and not be transferred to US. But apparently they are working on it hard and Safe Harbour is coming soon.